Random Thoughts – It All Seems so Little Now

Life in the Outbreak

Two weeks ago, I walked into a big box store called At Home, and fell in love. I walked every inch and bought a small decorative table, and a few small things. I drove 45 minutes to check it out.

Fast forward to today. I am on a quarantine with many others, my grandkids, who I care for, will probably not return to school this semester. I am working remotely for the rest of this month, and I had to stock my home with food and other essentials- we all know the mad rush for toilet paper (I missed that and had to use Amazon). Today, shopping for a decorative table seems insignificant.

Around the world, thousands have lost their lives. Even more are positive for the Covid-19 virus. People are mourning the loss of family and friends. Entire countries are on lockdown. All travel is coming to a stop. We are being asked to embrace a new temporary normal, and a new phrase, “Social Distancing.” Advised to keep a 6-8 foot bubble, we are engaging in preventative measures all across the globe.

The conspiracy theorist are going nuts with their assumptions based on little facts, the politicized public, convinced it is a ploy by the ‘other side” to win an election (because that matters in China, Italy, or Spain), continues their social media rants.

Here I sit.

My family and friends are experiencing a myriad of emotions and feelings. Anxiety, sadness, frustration, and fear lead the way. The news is constant and dire. The numbers are staggering. I am learning one thing through this- I am a control freak.

Learning to relax.

My biggest concern as I watched this unfold was the unknown. How long do we close the office? How long is school out? How much food is enough? How, what, when, where, and how.. Within a couple days, it became clear, there were no concrete answers, and learning patience in chaos is relevant.

So, I sat back in my chair and took a breath. With nothing to tackle other than breathing (I am already recovering from a lung infection-not related), I relaxed. Occasional thoughts race through my mind about the what-ifs, but they are quickly kicked to the curb.

I never thought I would one day live through something we’ve only read about in history books. I hoped I wouldn’t. Yet, here we are. The world has come to a halt. Such things as decorative tables seem silly. Anger, resentment, jealousy-all those personal hangups are nonsense. We have just entered a global pandemic. Lives are being lost, and all that matters in the end is eradication of a bug never seen in humans. Together, we fight.

When this is over, I pray we all take the gift of life a tad more serious. May our hearts shine with love, kindness, compassion, gentleness, and joy. I hope we hold on to the tangible possessions of our hearts and the eternity of our souls.

This world is temporary, and it is not my home. I think we all see that now. In the significant life-changing events of my lifetime, I find that truth to be comforting and precious.

Here’s to my fellow humans- stay safe and healthy, and care for one another.


-Lisa at Authentic Truths

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