Bipolar Life- The Journal #60, A Real Look at Bipolar

Two weeks ago tomorrow, we were broken to hear the news of a life lost to overdose, taking our grandson with her. Our son was ravaged, requiring a whirlwind trip to try to help him through this unbearable grief.

Three months ago, our daughter moved home, the victim of brutal domestic violence, and lost in a life not meant for her. Today, she is making huge strides in improving her life. She was an angry soul with Jesus for a long time. I think she has made some peace.

..all the while, here I sit. Being someone they can trust, turn to, rely on, and receive unconditional love from.

Tonight, I admit, I am tired. My mind feels physically broken. I think I have buried a small piece of my heart along this journey. This pillar of strength has tumbled down.

Yet, I keep going because that’s what I’ve always done; it is all I know.

My name is Lisa, the writer behind this site. I have bipolar disorder, and this is what that looks like. A strong woman fighting for her cubs. A tired woman going to work every day in a church where she has to dig deep to be available in all capacities. A grieving woman who drops everything to be by her child’s side. A fighter willing to go toe-to-toe with addiction and mental health crisis. A soul willing to come along side others and offer support, kindness, compassion, care, and love.

The world’s vision of bipolar or other mental illnesses, is narrow and incomplete. My prayer is that one day the stigma will evaporate and truth will prevail.

To all those knowing the battle of mental illness, I love you!!! Together we are warriors! I am always here to support you.

-Lisa @


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