Poetry- Breaking Point

Pivotal moments

And forgotten dreams

Perfect corrections

Torn at the seams..

Affirmations forgotten

And hope ablaze

Left behind

In a broken daze..

The shell of the former

Emptied of bliss

Lost in danger from

life amiss..

What was once

Has passed away

A living death

She cannot face..

And reflections are weary

Words are few

Cast into eternity

Her faithful and true..

Deception plays out

And ruins it all

Precepts intended

Before the fall..

So she rocks alone

Knees to her chest

While failing to breathe

Within each breath..

Involuntary living

Forced voluntary response

Light not forbidden

But shadowed

more than not..

For darkness consumes

Even as hearts beat

And loud are the drums

That signal defeat..

Yet, we rock alone

And muster the strength

Burdened by pain

On another day..

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