Five Minute Friday- “Settle”

What will I miss,

If I find

my comfort living here?

In a lonely place of easy,

situated without fear.

And what if God’s

greater plan

ahead in mystery,

Is more than I imagined

His will could ever be.

Yet, here I am,

Sit and wait.

The step ahead so far.

For fear of depth,

I settle here,

Convinced, here,

is where you are.

What good are dreams

When left unseen,

And goals not pursued.

Why pray for bigger things

And never see them through.

You love me here

In this place,

It’s not that you don’t.

But you desire more for me

beyond what I desire most.

So, do I settle

or take the leap.

Stagnant or do I go?

Trusting faith,

blind, He leads,

Into life I call unknown.

And when time ends,

I’ll settle in,

With gratitude and care.

Satisfied, I’ll close my eyes,

Pleased, God led me there.

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