Five Minute Friday- Day 22 of 31 Writing Challenge


(I caught up, go me)

I sense change around the corner. God is up to something. I wish I had an extraordinary vision to look ahead and see what it is. I pray to have the strength to either accept trouble or contain my enthusiasm. The anxiety I’ve dealt with recently would suggest something terrible, however, I believe it could be a preparation for something good.

The truth is, I don’t get to know. When life happens, it happens. In whatever comes our way, God is with us, and that is the bottom line. Is there a secret to living a happy life? Yes, there is. Be sure of the presence of God in your life, in the good times or the bad. If you understand His presence, you will understand the secret. It is the simple truth I have come to realize. I have a sense there could be more than one secret. For this moment in my life, this is it.

I wanted to be committed to this writing challenge, but my mental health has been a bit ‘under the weather.’ So tonight, I add a small note to myself: You did it! You fell behind, and you caught up. Way to go.

(I sense the small victories lead to great success..just sayin)

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