Five Minute Friday- Day 23 of 31 Writing Challenge


In this challenging time of my life, I have one need. When many look for something to satisfy them from the outside, I am content with being fulfilled from within.

I need Jesus.

This world has nothing for me. Money won’t quench my thirst for life. Accumulating useless materials, houses, jewelry, shoes, clothes, or food will never satisfy the deep longing inside.

It is Jesus. It was always Jesus. When I searched for a man to make all things better, he failed. Careers failed. Elements of this world fail me. People, things, places (and I love to travel) are temporary pleasures. They do not fulfill a lifelong need. They all bring happiness, but only one brings joy; Jesus is that one.

Christ is my constant love. All He brings to our relationship is critical to my survival. It requires me to stay in contact with Him through His Word and prayer. I give thanks today for Jesus. His love endures forever, and knowing that secures my heart. Hope is in the Lord.
Jesus. Jesus. Jesus. My only need. The Light, the Way.

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