Five Minute Friday- Day 17 of 31 Writing Challenge


Perfect word for this week. I fell ill last Saturday and was not consistent in this challenge. I am catching up now and hope to stay there till the end.

How many of us struggle to stay consistent in our Christian walk? Bible reading is an inconsistency of mine. I read scripture every day in my employment and for my writing, but it’s not the same as intentional time with God.

While I aim to be consistent, I fall short in several key areas. Life pushes me around, and in my weakness, I leave the more essential parts behind. Reading the Word and prayer time are considered vital to me.

If I want to grow in this relationship with Christ consistently, then I will have to be consistent in my effort. We cannot expect Jesus to do the work. He already sacrificed all, so giving him our time should be the priority. He can’t meet you where you are if you never show up.

May we all pause from life to share life with Christ.

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