Five Minute Friday- Day 9 of 31 Writing Challenge


For the longest time, I have contemplated God’s calling on my life. Sounds deep, I know. I wanted it to be mission work, and I am still in negotiations with Him on that. Then, I hoped for writing. I have been a writer since forever, making it easy. However, over the past several months, I keep feeling pushed toward speaking. Allow me to be honest, not only do I question this choice, but I doubt my ability.

I tried a Facebook video the other day. I wanted to encourage those that follow my page Authentic Truth for Bipolar Living. Cell phone, with no make-up, is a scary thought. I did the best I could, and sent my message to the hundreds that follow. I was nervous and kept looking up toward the ceiling (what is that). My final assessment was if I can’t make a decent video, how do I get up and speak?

God calls us to trust him, so all this overthinking is doing me no good. If I want to join His purpose for my life, a life I surrendered to him long ago, then I have to trust. When I doubt, I have to ask for help. When I fumble over words, there is a need to ask the Holy Spirit to speak for me or guide my words. I can’t join a plan I oppose. It would be obvious I came kicking and screaming. His message would be invisible behind my attitude and fear.

So, I am taking this time to listen, reflect, and cover myself in prayer. God has called me to join a significant part of his family. One that takes His message of salvation, hope, and love to a community in need, the mentally ill population.

5 Replies to “Five Minute Friday- Day 9 of 31 Writing Challenge”

  1. Thank you for sharing so honestly and filled with truth. When God is calling it’s best to answer “yes Lord” and trust not only that He is leading but that He will also equip us to do what He calls us to do. That being said I have found myself in the same quandary and need lots of time in prayer to follow His lead.

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  2. I would love to read your blog Authentic Truth for Bipolar Living. Could you please send me the link? I looked it up on Google but there were so many topics on bipolar… I write a blog myself but I have not come across another blogger who writes about bipolar depression and Christianity.

    Terri D aka Tess


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