Five Minute Friday- Day 8 of 31 Writing Challenge


Dear Jesus,

I love Sunday. It is a specific time when I come together and gather with you, the Holy Spirit, God the Father, and your family. We worship You and give praise for the relationship we have. We read your Word together and go a little deeper in our understanding. I walk through your church building and see many gather at tables, laughing, and sharing life. I may not be one to sit and fellowship, but I still love to be there in your presence. Thank you.

It is time you and I spend together that touches my heart the most. As I sing the lyrics of a song, and raise my hands to you, I feel you there with me. I have even experienced you taking my hand. With my eyes closed, my vision is perfect, and I see you. I feel your warmth and the brilliance of the light. Your smile beams with humble appreciation, humbling me in my offering. Each word flows from my mouth directly to you, my honest self pouring out in complete surrender. This is what going to church is about. Thank you.

In Jesus Name, Amen

I crave this all week long. So I try to replicate it as often as possible, but it isn’t the same. Prearranged gathering is powerful and necessary. Many today argue this. We are the church, and the purpose of meeting remains very individual. We are blessed for the opportunity. If Jesus were physically standing in that building on Sunday morning, people would show up. They would crowd the hallways and overflow out the doors. Instead, they argue if church is still relevant. By my observations in this world, yes, it is.

Society doesn’t make the rules. Rather than be consumed by worldly beliefs, we should be consumed by Jesus Christ. In His unfathomable love, he is the beacon of hope and the power behind ‘inclusive’. He came so that every life might live. A gift like no other this world can offer. When we gather, drop the world at the door and come together as one in His Sanctuary.

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