Five Minute Friday-Day 1 of 31- Why

Welcome to the 31-day writing challenge by Five Minute Friday!

Day 1-..five minutes..GO!

Why is a loaded word, on most days — but not today.

For this writing challenge, I have decided to write each day focused on God in me.

I have met a high number of challenges in my life. Here I am, standing and marching forward. If the world considers me beaten, it misunderstands my God.

We question, and rarely receive answers. Through the seasons of suffering or loneliness, I remain filled with joy and appreciation. When my tears fall, my worship increases. There is no holding back. Praise Him in the storm is all I know.



One day He chose a cross, a beating like none other, a dark moment in time. The same Jesus persecuted to death, loves me. He never leaves my side. In the faint whispers of my heart, he resides with the tender care and unconditional love of a Savior.

That is why, though I battle depression or anxiety; when I fight for my child lost in addiction; as I held the hand of my dying son, I sang a song of worship. In the fear, I could boldly lift my voice in prayer, or fall on my knees in surrender. In my weakest moments, the blood of Jesus Christ gave me strength and power. His Holy presence conquers pain and defeat.

That is why I write as I do. I bring my raw and authentic story to the front lines of the battle. Right now, a blessed soul is pressured to give up, give in, or to turn away from hope. Today, someone will lose their fight to live. This world needs warriors of light. I choose to run and keep the torch lit for the Glory of the Lord.

That is why I do what I do.

..time’s up! Day one down!

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