Lost & Found- My Heart says, “Yes”

I’m sitting out by the pond, listening to the gentile sound of a waterfall. It’s fast becoming my favorite place to be. I am nearing the end of my night, three hours of sleep didn’t cut it. Insomnia was no joke last night. I tried headphones with every trick I’ve got, and I was wide awake as though I drank five pots of coffee.

I hoped for a nap today, but I was busy. Kids came over for dinner, picked up new bunkbeds for the grands, drove all over. Not my kind of Sunday, but we do what must be done.

Isn’t that the truth of our lives?

We do what must be done.

Jesus did what must be done.

While I sit here enjoying my time by the water, I consider the garden of Gethsemane. Jesus did what he came to do, but his agony in that garden is heart wrenching. The garden represents a time of great distress and betrayal. There probably wasn’t a beautiful waterfall, it was a garden prepared for harvest. Jesus was alone, as even the disciples couldn’t bother to stay awake and keep watch.

I sit here pouring out praise for my time alone. Jesus kneeled and poured out his prayer for the burden of crucifixion to be removed. I find peace, he found strain.

But eventually his pleas ended, his time had come, and the arrest that began the road to salvation was carried out. A different kind of peace filled our Savior, one we will never understand.

We get overwhelmed easily in today’s world. Especially when we do what must be done. Jesus had one purpose leaving that garden. One purpose, to die. And here I sit complaining about my ‘busy’ day. It all seems so insignificant and small.

I see my life different these days. My purpose is defined in a colorful display. My heart beats to a different tune. It beats for life, love, and surrender. A new perspective is emerging, the clarity is welcome. My heart beats to keep me alive because beyond that is purpose in Christ.

I am walking into a new season. I can feel it to my soul. I feel a different kind of peace enveloping me, and I am confused and calm all at once. I look around and see a path set before me, with no set instruction or specific direction. Whatever may come, and I know it is coming, I am willing to go.

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