Poetry- Son of Man

When dark clouds gather

From life’s storms blowing in

And the forces advance

Unseen like the wind.

And the great sadness

Seeks shelter

Inside my soul,

I will press in to You,

Cry to you,

Fall on you,

And never let you go.

You are living water,

My daily bread,

The definition of together.

Reliable, faithful, Friend.

All powerful in nature,

Risen and True.

Redeemer and Protector.

Words can’t describe You.

Heavy heart

Troubled mind

Tainted trust

And bleeding eyes.

This world’s fire evolves

Scorching but they can’t see.

As wisdom lies hidden

Inside every burning tree.

When the weight of uncertainty

Is tough to bear,

Your hands lift

 and troubles ease,

A refuge for my care.

You are Righteous and Healer

Forgiving and Good.

Forthcoming in Mercy

Holy and Love.

You are Mighty and Honored

Definite and Divine.

The Gift for all nations.

The Living Word,


The Breath of Life.

And King of kings

Master of Salvation

Lord of all

And mystery.

We wonder and question,

Roam in deserted lands.

Looking for the answer.

But it’s not lost.

It’s found.

In the indescribable

Son of Man.

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