Poetry-A Mind-Full Journey

The mind is a funny thing

as it skips in taunting rhythm

or shuffles forward dispassionately,

the pace unpredictable

but predictably routine.

and I fight to know

where it is I’ll land.

will this be a 75 mile an hour freeway

or a back road Sunday drive?

Feverishly pack your bag

for the flight of the unknown

Destination: Surprise!

I’d rather know.

This is not my fate.

I remain caught up

in the sights and sounds.

if even for a brief breath,

I take it in.

because this is my life

and I must be witness.

One day they will ask

which road was taken,

which flight pattern,

which direction.

if I can only remember

.. details..

I will confirm the

journey was phenomenal,

from the highest peaks

to the lowest valley.

From the darkest allies

To the brilliance of life.

The mind carries on,

through it’s illness,

through the pain,

through the confusion.

The mind is a funny thing.

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