Poetry- The Part I Play

Silent whispers

No one hears

Faint echoes

And voiceless reflections.

Pulling and screaming

From every direction.

Tainted memories

And jarring sequels.

A cast of one

In a biopic production.

Rolling through takes

Unexpected mistakes.

And a line forgotten.

This is the world

Of the faceless

The abandoned.

Left to her own devices

In the unwanted production.

She moves in guided rhythm.

Mouthing words unknown.

Faithful in presence..

Obedient to direction.

The ambient light

Surreal and true

Places undeserved delight

On this one character

In the room.

In sacrificing urgency

The scene ends with a bow.

The only standing entity

Garnishes applause.


The lights dim

A secret untold.

That an amateur

Played the part

In this one man show.

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