Bipolar Life-Suicide

Closed forever, the blue green eyes.

Where the breath was stolen amid hopeless lies.

And conversations ceased, the truth unseen.

To the turmoil now left behind.

You were worthy, but didn’t know.

Worthy of love and so much more.

Your infectious smile and

Billowing laughter,

what was it we didn’t see?

What chains held tight

to the fragments inside,

anchored dimensions

of a broken mind.

Yesterday is gone,

And the words we shared seem small.

The long talks and dreams,

They no longer matter at all.

Left to persuade

Those left behind.

Forced to live

With the power of grief inside.

Silence will be welcomed

Then hated.

Wonder and anguish will ride,

The discussion debated.

The journey has begun

In the aftermath of suicide.

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