Authentic Truths- Truth of Who I Am

Whether or not I am ‘good enough’ has been a life-long battle for me. You would think that, by now, this would no longer be an issue. Unfortunately, the reality is, it is the same issue it was all those years ago, when someone told me repeatedly just how useless and unloved I was, or the time I had to hear I was no longer attractive, or even that I’m too old to have long hair! (Before I even turned 40…what????)

These words stuck, no matter how hard I tried to release them. Some cut deep, others were simply surface wounds, barely there, but enough to leave a small, ugly scar. In any case, certainly words that I have never forgotten.

I have fought the desire to believe those words on and off throughout my adult life. Pounded into your mind with the shameful hammer, it is hard to hear anything else.

The Word tells me they were wrong, that their worldly desire to be unkind, uncaring, and unloving is just that, worldly. They put false labels on me, and as a young child, you tend to believe what you hear; and as a young woman hearing words against her appearance, it shatters her, whether or not it should. Satan uses these lies to disrupt all that God is doing throughout our journey. He will use them to make us think we are less than God wants.

I was nothing more than-not good enough, undesirable, unlovable, broken, to someone long ago. I choose today to release the negative and I must believe what God’s Word says I am in Christ Jesus, now.

Maybe you have been there. Perhaps, just like me, you have wanted nothing more than to let go of these painful thoughts, and to believe you are who God has always known you to be…

  • From 1 Peter 2:9- we are chosen, royal, holy, HIS..called to live in his marvelous light!
  • From Ephesians 2:10- we are HIS workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works…
  • From Romans 8: 16 – 17- we are children of God, heirs with Christ…
  • From Isaiah 43:1- we are redeemed..

God loves me. More than the words of my past, His Words are the comfort of who I am today, and the path to who He challenges me to be tomorrow. I am good enough, I am loved, I am desired, I am healed, and I am free!

I am a child of God. If ever I had doubt about any part of my being, I can be secure in knowing, without a doubt, I am HIS!

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