Authentic Truths-Adapt

Where have the Christians gone we ask.

Church attendance down again,

offering plate is bare.

Where are the Christians sharing Jesus?

For I looked in the Sanctuary,

they’re not in there.

I heard about a few that would

be on the corner down the street.

But when I strolled to hear their message,

None were where they said they’d be.

Where have you gone

O children of God.

The world is looking for you.

Where are you doing the work you claim

Jesus sent you here to do?

I cannot find you in the shelter,

Though I was sure you would be there.

Serving the homeless a meal, or

providing clothes in Christian-like loving care.

I did not see you in the orphanage,

Where children painfully reside.

The halls are bare in the nursing home,

Have you only come to hide?

I checked among the widows and widowers,

for your love there would surely be.

No sign of your presence among the lost,

Just sorrow filled hearts who are lonely.

I’ve looked and looked,

not a single Christian have I found.

In the center of the dark, in the battle against evil,

Again, not a soul around.

I guess the world will adapt.

Christian’s now blend in.

I can’t find you among the faithless,

I don’t hear a thing about Jesus in their midst.

I don’t see your light in the darkness,

I can’t feel your love in their pain.

I only hear the mocking laughter,

Of the world that Christians gained.

Mark 8:36 (ESV)

For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?

-Lisa W.

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