Authentic Truths- Micro-Premie Power!

<unedited from my FB post today>

When the worst day leads to the best.

There are so many worst moments in life.. this was one of them. First, the kidneys failed, then it was a domino effect as one organ after another began to stop.

I remember the phone call to Ashley in my car- “Get to the hospital now and don’t come alone.” Vomiting crossed my mind. We drove silent the half hour it took to reach Rylee.

I remember walking into the NICU and the long walk down the hallway. You could see multiple doctors watching from the area outside her little room, there were so many working on her, they didn’t fit. One would work on one thing, back out and the next would move in. The head doctor in charge never left her side (I think it was 16 hours?) All day we watched and received one bad news after another.

“Do you want the chaplain to come in?”

You panic for a moment, but then insist. He prayed with hands on Rylee, he prayed holding our hands. We cried. There were no words except, “Thank you.”

The situation was bleak and when they removed her mask and hat to place her on a ventilator, we saw her hair for the first time and her entire face!

We were thrilled to see her, but the scenario meant things were bad… Very bad. It was a waiting game with her doctor caring for her the entire time! In a moment alone with sweet Rylee, I reached my hand over and delicately placed it on her tummy and prayed with all I had in me. I kept that moment to myself for a very long time. My tears were between me, Rylee, and God.

We received one negative update after another- and I immediately reached out for prayer for that single issue- soon it was resolved. And I did it again and again and again. People all over this world (literally) praying for an innocent life that Ashley said, “Do whatever you can to save her“. Never treating Ashley and Jeremiah with anything but respect, the fine team at #StJoesDenver replied, you got it. And they did.

Hour after hour, one prayer after another was answered and the next morning, when her kidneys began to function; not at a full level, but there was a drop of urine. Healing was slow, but was received.

People ask me about my faith ALL the time. They wonder about my positive outlook in the face of near death or other less strenuous issues- I saw my own son healed of flesh eating bacteria, his doctor said he shouldn’t be alive. I saw Harlee Rae not only survive being born at 24 weeks, but witnessed a miracle when what appeared to be blindness on the horizon, vanished. Then, we watched Rylee Jo with zero odds, make the comeback of the NICU.
I’ve witnessed recovery and healing among family and friends that no one can explain #FloridaFamily. The miracles don’t stop here, but I can’t list them all. My own personal healing among them..

Where does my faith come from? I believe with all my mind, all my heart, and all my soul that if I can just reach out and touch the hem of his garment, we can be healed!
Matthew 9:20-22

I rejoice tonight for #God is #Good.
#JesusSaves in more ways than we know!

(Rylee Jo is now two and perfectly fine. In fact, I’d say we hit the ‘terrible two’s 😂)


Rylee’s big sister, Harlee Rae, now 6! Both were born at 24.3 weeks gestation. Our miracles!

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