Lost & Found- Momma Bear

Yesterday my son and daughter-in-law were victims of theft. As the charges to their bank account rolled in, I became angry. As the police took over, it became apparent they knew the guy well and there was a long history there. I became angrier. When they informed my son one of the stores, a major grocery store chain in Colorado, refused to allow them to do a surveillance review, I became angrier still.

I love my children. I love them in their successes and their failures, their highs and their lows. To have them go through such things is hard. I still have that internal desire to sweep in and fix it. But I can’t. When the grocery store refused to help the police I wanted too burst in that store and give them a piece of my mind, start a letter writing campaign, do something to combat the lack of common sense. I can do all those things, but the bottom line is I just want to take their hurt away, and I can’t.

The simple things in life are not always so simple. Such as getting an estimate from a contractor to do work on your house. Even when that contractor came with high recommendations, he was a phony, a thief, and a fraud. Thank goodness for camera surveillance these days as the police could identify him at the stores; making each transaction that correlates to their bank account.

I know how my heart feels today. I imagine my Father in heaven feels exactly the same way. He watches above as the enemy penetrates our life in one way or another. Just as I am there for my son today, God is always there in ways we will often miss along the way, but realize later.

I feel my fury and disgust rise, and I consider whatever I feel, I can multiply by hundreds for what God feels. He cares deeper and more passionately than we ever can as humans. It is incredible.

While my momma bear side is frightening at times, imagine the power of Papa Bear, if you can.

I know this too shall pass, tomorrow is a new day. Money can be replaced, people will be held accountable. I know hearts and hurts will mend, and emotions will calm down. Life will return to normal.

Next comes forgiveness. It’s who we are. It’s what we do. My son leads us in worship with the team on Sunday. We sing songs of praise about the forgiveness of the Father. What good does it do to sing empty words we refuse to live by. If he can forgive, so must we. It may take some time, but it will happen.

(That’s my boy on guitar up close.)

This is motherhood. Lessons we teach young, have refresher courses along the way. Not only for our children, but for ourself.

Motherhood-101, 102, 103….


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