Authentic Truths- ..But Jesus


Here’s what I know to be true..

Nothing, absolutely nothing, is certain or promised. I never could have prepared for my yesterday, today was completely unexpected, and I have no real vision of tomorrow.
The past year was something I thought I’d only see in a movie, my health is something I expected in twenty years, the journey has been incredibly unpredictable. This is the world.

But Jesus..

He has never left my side, he has filled me to capacity with the exact amount of strength I need for the day, he fills my mouth with his words, and gives me insight and wisdom I’d never gain without this relationship with Him. Jesus gets me through every moment of this life that I’m being handed. Let’s face it, we don’t always get to choose the path- when others lay it down for us, how we pick up and carry on depends on who we truly are on the inside.

Who I am on the inside will never be determined by this world.

It is determined by the glory of a God our eyes can’t handle, and our minds can’t comprehend. A God who loves beyond the limits and boundaries of human love. A God who is completely available, always punctual, and forever reliable.

His love gives me peace and comfort.
His love fulfills every part of me you will never see.
The me on the inside.
I have no fear- of anyone or anything.
I have no doubt in Christ.
I have no resentment or hate for anyone.

I forgive because I am forgiven.
I love because He first loved me.

Nothing, absolutely nothing, is certain.

..But Jesus….

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