Poetry- God Sent a Fly

We sat down after the songs were done..panting for air..
and I saw that on the screen behind the podium, a fly had landed there.
Though I tried to keep my attention, on the one speaking to me..
My eyes wandered to the fly, it seemed to be all I could see.
I pulled my eyes away, and bowed my head in prayer,
but as soon as it ended, my eyes shot back to the fly, yep it was still there!
I thought, “Well, this is crazy, I have better control I know..”
But no matter how hard I tried, right back to the fly my eyes would go.
When the preacher took center stage, I knew now this non sense would end.
But low and behold, he saw the fly, and mentioned how easily distracted we’d been.
I giggled with the rest, knowing that this was true.
But haven’t stopped thinking to myself, “Lisa, how distracted are you?”
When God calls me to study His word, do I sit right down and read?
Do I manage to find His daily gifts, the ones He places just for me?
How distracted can I get in one day, to miss His loving touch.
Did He send someone for me to love, I seem to miss so much.
I wonder about that fly a lot, and just what it was doing there.
Was God giving me a message that day, with His gentle humorous care?
I’ve often heard people say, I wish I could be a fly on the wall.
Perhaps God was checking in on me that day, and yes he saw it all.
Now every service I attend, I remember that fly,
and when distraction creeps in, oh no, not I.
I pay full attention, never know what silly thing God might do.
For as great as his love always is, I am beginning to see, his humor is too!!!

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