Poetry-God’s Blessing Today

The beauty of my daughter…her quiet mystery..
her inner self, surrounded, so no one else can see..
her gentle way of living, while trying to be so hard.
But Christ has never been, to far from her heart.
She contemplates life in ways I’d never dare.
And always gives each human the benefit of her care.
She raises questions in my mind, and it amazes me so.
She fights for what she believes, in ways I’ll never know.
But today I had a blessing, that forever in mind will stay.
As she bowed before God and his people, bowed her head and prayed.
She’ll never know just what she did, and how my heart was touched.
For if I I try to fuss, she’ll simply walk away with a shrug.
She wonders back and forth, and sometimes I have no clue.
But today I had a blessing, and God, it came straight from You!
She and I, we battle Lord, and don’t always see eye to eye.
Today You showed me that no matter where we are, you are still in her life.
And though sometimes I just can’t see it, and anger takes control.
I must know You’re here, and learn to just let go.
She’s in your hands my Father..as I wait to watch your plan.
Today, I had a blessing, and instead of thinking she won’t, I’ll always know, You can!

Lisa Wenninger

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