Authentic Truths- Where are the Heroes?

Where are the heroes? It seems in every time of unrest, there is a hero, and a heart, that chooses to stand taller than the rest. A voice that speaks with so much love and compassion that it will drown the voices of hate, bitterness, and division.

My Bible hero list is long and well known. Abraham, Moses, David-they are my encouragement in my weakest moments, and my inspiration in my strongest. This list could go on and on, each hero listed for different reasons. I guess that is why God introduced us to the many men and women of the Bible, because each individual’s experience would hold great meaning for each one of us, individually.

So in this world, today, where are the heroes? I think of the strong voices of the past, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, Mother Teresa, Tolstoy, Susan B. Anthony, and Billy Graham and, above all, Jesus Christ himself, who spoke of obedience to the Father and love for one another! He is still my hero every single today!

Try as I might, I cannot think of anyone currently on the world stage being that hero. So then, what?

I will tell you what; WE begin to be the change the world needs. WE begin to be the voice of love, compassion, decency, responsibility, and dedication. WE choose to rise above and be a hero- probably not on a world stage, but right there where you stand!

Your act of kindness is someone else’s act of heroism. Your gift of generosity is someone’s hope. Your words of comfort are the only blanket of warmth some will experience today.

We are one people folks. One family in humanity, this spans from one continent to another. It covers all races. From the rich to the poor, men and women alike, we are one. We come from faraway places, yet we can gather united in many ways, beginning with prayer. Unite as one voice for freedom in Jesus Christ. United in the belief that we are NOT of this world, that our Lord and Savior has overcome this world, and it is to Him we owe all.

We are the heroes.

So next time you want to engage in hateful rhetoric on Facebook or Twitter because ‘the other side’ posted something you do not agree with, or someone shared something ‘hateful’, stop yourself. Stop fighting this worldly war with worldly words! Rise above in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ. If you want to ‘share’ something, share God the Father, share His Son, share the Holy Spirit, and share the good news.

Be that hero.


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