Authentic Truths-Come Alive!

A Night Of Revival

Psalm 71:15 (ESV)

My mouth will tell of your righteous acts,
of your deeds of salvation all the day,
for their number is past my knowledge.

This was a tough weekend. I was thrilled to head in to Denver and hear some of my favorite pastors preach. When Friday rolled around, the weather changed, traffic was awful, and I pulled into the little corner church filled with anxiety, and a bit overwhelmed. Walking into a new place, with new people brought on the hidden introvert in me.

However, I could feel the Holy Spirit upon walking through the threshold. I quickly found my seat near the front, as I always do in any church I attend, and I took in a deep breath. I looked around, and realized I was probably the odd one out in this crowd, but I was not going to let that deter me from the purpose of being there- to worship God to the fullest.

The entire room was asked to pray for every part of the night- preachers, messages, healing. The prayer warriors took that microphone in hand as though every life present mattered and would experience a Holy Spirit movement. In the background, I listened to sounds of bliss- the drummer I will never forget. He gave me chills with every beat. I asked the sweet woman next to me if this was their regular band, to which she said, “The drummer, the drummer is ours.”

I watched as people walked back and forth, making last minute preparations. The small room must have been filling up behind me as they removed the ‘reserved’ seating signs for more bodies. In walked the guest preachers and the music began.

I knew the first song, and had no problem being my regular self in worship. Anytime we worship in song, you could be sitting on my lap and I’d have no idea you are there. Something happens to me, and the only two souls in the room are my sweet Jesus and myself- for that I am truly thankful. My eyes close, a smile permanently plants itself, and I am off in praise and worship to my King.

As the final sounds of music played, we entered into receiving that impactful message. I listened attentively to every word, knowing that the Lord himself was sending me those words at the perfect time. I watched the face of the young men I have come to admire for their strong and true preaching on a screen. It warmed my heart to see that they were just as on fire in person as they were on screen. There is no show here- what you see is the honest believer they are.

MattRevival (Pastor Matt Cruz)

As the message closed and a time of prayer began, I had mixed feelings of how to ask someone to pray for me. I feel so blessed, I am not sure what more to ask for, at least in this space. I found myself looking around and watching as people flooded the altar, praying for people whose name I did not know, praying for the pastors up front, praying for the music, and thanking Jesus for this amazing night. One of the familiar faces I know from Facebook made his way over to me and asked if I needed prayer- reluctantly, I said,

“Yes, my children need prayer.” The rest of that conversation will stay between God and I, and Adam, the man who prayed.

Perhaps I was a bit shy, or even nervous to have stepped out of my box and stepped into a completely new level of worship. It wasn’t my worship and time with the Lord that was any different from any other given worship service; it was experiencing the Lord in the many different ways people out there do. I sat among people so visually excited to praise the Lord that I was pleasantly surprised and energized (much like I have even been as I follow along on social media). Many things were obvious- this group of believers lives for Jesus, this group of believers trusts in His healing power, this group of believers are not ashamed, or embarrassed to worship the Lord, loudly, quietly, together or alone (just like me)..There was a sense of being home in their presence, while home in the Lord.

You are making a difference for Christ young men and women. You are leading in the front lines of reminding this country and the world, what God can do in the lives who believe in him. You are marching ahead to the orders of the Father- in pursuit of sharing the good news with all you meet. You are making an impact, leading the lost, and walking alongside those who believe! Your work has just begun; your journey has been mapped out, your way paved by none other than God Almighty.

I was unable to attend on Saturday, and listen to the one man who prompted me to attend this revival, Marcus Rogers. I have recently been diagnosed with arthritis in my neck and it kept me from being able to make the hour long drive the following night. I guess I now know my prayer need- next time I will not hesitate to come before the Lord for myself, too.


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