Bipolar Life- Cautious Assumption

You don’t know my darkest place.
Hidden pain behind a masked up face.
The battle for ownership of
A broken mind.
Missiles firing, darts flying, guns shooting
All where an eerie quiet resides.

You don’t know my secret place.
Hidden behind honor and grace.
The pleasing aroma of
Fiction and fake.
Empty words, hollow eyes, bleeding shell.
Unclaimed regret and mistake.

You don’t know my glorious place.
Hidden within a decorated vase.
Remove the canvas,
the colorful design.
Of forgiveness and gladness,
Redemption Divine.

Filled to capacity,
Cherished and loved.
Accepted, His own.
Mysterious above.
Cleansed of all impurities,
Old gone away.
Risen from the waters,
Washed of yesterday.

You don’t know.
You may never know.
What evil lurks and fire dwells.
What pain can do
In emotional swells.
That overcome and turn away.
To a manuscript for another day.

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