Five Minute Friday-Miss ‘Guided’ Faith

I need to be honest here. I think I may be the worst at trusting God.

Call this a confession.

I’ve prayed for the Lord to guide me. I’ve fallen flat on my face in desperation. Yet, I’ve walked away from those secret moments believing in His power, but not trusting in the change I was praying about.


I feel those prayers being answered now, and I literally can hear the rumble of fear in my heart. This is how I know I was unwilling to trust. Fear had implanted itself in my being. I can see it now.

I never considered myself a doubting Thomas. However, this inner turmoil proves it is so. The challenge is to learn from my own weaknesses, and move forward in the wisdom my God has given me.

We can’t expect to pray, to seek His guidance, to know full well He hears our words and hearts, but never trust him to actually move in our lives.

It is a turning point in my spiritual journey. I pray for others in complete confidence and trust, but not myself.

Why is that?

I have no answers. I am only humbled and thankful for the gentle nudging I felt over the last week. A push to receive a lesson I desperately needed to hear.

Don’t ask God to guide you and be unwilling to receive it!

**I invite you to visit the website of Kate Motaung for full details and rules (well the one rule).

All are welcome and invited to take part in joining women around the world for Five Minute Friday! You will be given a prompt word then simply take five minutes of your day to write a heartfelt, authentic message (no need to edit) using that word!



5 Replies to “Five Minute Friday-Miss ‘Guided’ Faith”

  1. Those nudgings of the heart, I know them all too well. I rest (try to rest) in knowing that God can totally handle my weakness and can grow me to know and trust his sovereignty. Often, my fear is not in knowing God is able but in not wanting to go through hardship. I want smooth skies, but sometimes God is leading me through difficulty to prune my spirit and character. I like the character on the other side, but I don’t enjoy the process. But even then, I’m learning too. Learning to rest. Learning to trust.

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