Five Minute Friday-For Them, I Speak

What a fabulous prompt following this week of passionate speaking- on subjects that are so controversial that I can almost see Satan laughing through most every reply out there.

I thought about doing some research in scripture to help me out here, but my heart says, “As if you need research to know.” No, I do not require research to know what I have witnessed in escalation over the last week falls out of the parameters of love.

I am going to go there, and I only ask that you give me the rest of these four minutes.

I realize we may have an unskilled President when it comes to publicly speaking (I honestly thought he would never be elected with his rambunctious comments, but that is a different post)- I sat in a room of pastors yesterday sharing my views on our current state, and they agreed. This may be the first problem. While he truly lacks in communicating, the message was grossly mistaken for something it never was.

The truth is this, we have been complaining about the heightened, often violent, and detrimental, protests for a few years now-

  • We sat shocked at those torching entire city blocks ‘in the name of a cause or belief’. Not once, but multiple times.
  • We all sat shocked and heartbroken, as police officers became the target, shot dead by a lone gunman ‘in the name of a cause or belief’’.
  • We again were heartbroken when an innocent prayer group, who said Amen, and then murdered by gunfire ‘in the name of a cause or belief’.
  • We all sat stunned at the gunning down of a senator and staff at a friendly game of baseball ‘in the name of a cause or belief’.
  • We sat stunned at the gunning down of innocent lives at a nightclub ‘in the name of a cause or belief’.
  • And now we sit stunned at the loss of an innocent life ‘in the name of a cause or belief”.

Therefore, when our President makes a comment about the violence on all sides, we all know exactly what he meant. While every cause is separate in overall intent, unequal or comparable in any way shape or form, they are all comparable by the violence plaguing their ‘cause or belief’.

 <five minutes ends here…I apologize, my thoughts did not>

I pondered my personal response throughout the week, going back and forth on how to approach the masses in honest and transparent dialogue and in love. It is difficult. Unfortunately, the opinions screaming at me from every side and having no desire to listen to anything are a challenge.

This will not shut me up. Satan will not shut me up. Mocking me for my ‘innocent and sweet’ ideals will not shut me up.

I will speak about the love of Jesus, the forgiveness of Jesus, the command that we love our neighbor, the teaching of turning our cheek not once, but forever (whether it is fair or not). I will speak about this issue NOT having anything to do with politics, but our greatest obstacle lies in the heart of man. I will speak about the freedom we receive in Jesus Christ, and that freedom has overcome this world. I will speak about the peace that passes ALL understanding. I will speak about the power of Jesus Christ, and I will invite every soul to accept Jesus into their heart, redeemed of their sin, to receive, through the mercy and grace of our Lord, salvation, and life in eternity!

I will speak. Let our words be louder than Satan’s hate!

 I invite you to visit the website of Kate Motaung for full details and rules (well the one rule).

All are welcome and invited to take part in joining women around the world for Five Minute Friday! You will be given a prompt word, then simply take five minutes of your day to write a heartfelt, authentic message (no need to edit) using that word!


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