Poetry: A Prayer at the End

If death should have the opportunity to close my eyes today,
before I have the opportunity to see.
I pray the vision my own legacy leaves behind, will be one that makes my Father proud of me.
I pray I loved as often
as each moment surely passed,
I’ll pray each day was spent in service, an honest giving heart surpassed.
The disappointment given, a disappointing hand.
The winners jewel I’d always known was mine.
A second not wasted, importance placed on ticking time.
I’ll pray that you forgave me, that I earned this gift from you.
I’ll pray I helped you see just what forgiveness can do..
But the greatest lesson I hope I shared,
the forgiveness from the King.
And when time ends upon that breath, it’s the only gift I take with me.
I’ll pray you saw a glimpse of Christ, somewhere within my steps.
And yet the glimpse so brilliant indeed, is one you can’t forget.
And if deaths final moments…
allow me time to speak tenderly with you.
Amidst the many words we’d share..
..I’ll speak of the cross,
the sacrifice, and His final call of love, that makes all of life so fair.
Let me know, really know, it was as it should be.
The plan executed as written, before I rose.
The messenger relayed the message, that never ended, I pray this you’ll know.
Death only stops the breathing, but what I’ve come to find.
The part of life that goes on and on,
Are the shared truths passed on and on,
through us, from the Divine…

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