Bipolar Life- The Art of Dark

There is beauty here, hidden from day. Silence inviting in a melancholy way. Peace encompasses the chaos of mind Dark envelops the beast of daytime light.

Bipolar Life- The Journal, #11

My optimistic enthusiasm was replaced with pessimistic fear. Silently, I battled these wars inside my own mind. As I look back now, it was a tragedy. My own self-defeating tragedy.

Bipolar Life- The Journal #10

Over the last several months I clearly saw myself spiraling, one dreadful circumstance after another. Over and over I looked in the mirror and asked, "Who are you? Where are you?" Over and over I heard silence at the other end.

Five Minute Friday-Define

I began following Amy a while back as I began my own personal journey to share hope and love as a believer living with bipolar disorder. This past week, Amy took her own life, and the community is heartbroken.

Bipolar Life- To the Bipolar Companion

Many days we are trying to stay above the waters, and those same days you do the same for you while helping us. You are a treasure. You are a rare and precious jewel, and we could not do this without you.

Bipolar Life- The Journal, #6

This is me. Feeling overwhelmed by the juggling of emotions I have been managing for some time now. This is me, crying tears I thought dried up long ago.. This is me so completely lost that I don't want to look ahead, it frightens me. This is me feeling like a failure.