Writing Prompt- March 13, 2023

Write a letter to your 100-year-old self.

Dear Lisa,

You marched on and reached the century mark. Achieving a significant milestone, this point on a timeline is one many never see. You have earned every gray hair on your head. The wrinkles across your body write a beautiful story. Age may be the best-defined canvas of them all. No stroke of a paintbrush could capture such beauty of a well-lived life. 

You will want to look back over the decades and remember. Holding on to the best and reflecting on the strength from the worst. Each thread of your tapestry expresses the brilliance of your light. You burned as bright as possible, no matter what life threw at you. The Lord remained your rock, allowing you to point to Him at every turn. 

Trapped in horrific abuse, you found hope instead of despair. God took what the devil meant for harm and made it an example of perseverance, hope, forgiveness, and love. The ability to live life in a way that chooses hope would become the theme of your life. Yet, in the darkest days, you did not recognize your strength. God carried you gently through the pain, so you could rest in His arms. He was the power in the center of great weakness. He alone was your strength.

As many celebrate you today, you will wish to retreat. You spent a lot of your life hoping to flee. Sitting with God was more endearing than pleasing a crowd. However, you were made to be a sprinkle of joy among the people you met. God intended for you to be heard. He allowed you to use your gift in writing and waited patiently for you to stand up and shout one day! When you unleashed the power inside, it was a mighty roar. 

You always wanted to reach this day with no regrets. But, working hard to make amends, ask forgiveness, or forgive others, you have landed here today where they exist. Every human encounters them. Joy knows that all is well between God and yourself. You have achieved this goal. Your endurance in the race paid off, and you remain His faithful servant. So, please, do not dwell on the concerns of the unchanged. What was done is sealed. God knows your heart. 

You have considered your legacy for a couple decades now. What will it be? My dear lady, it is never for you to know. It is written once you breathe your last, leaving this world behind. Your legacy is written by what’s left in the hearts of others. They will consider the impact you made along the way. Your final story will be shared by those you love the most. Their words will explore the great inheritance of character, integrity, compassion, kindness, and love you lavished on this world. 

The hardships you overcame and the light-hearted laughter you shared continue on. Focus on the days ahead, no matter how short. You have purpose and worth as long as your heart continues to beat. You are beginning to think of those who went ahead of you. You will soon see them again. Until then, love like you always have and point to Jesus as long as you can move. He was always the reason for every moment; you lived through that wisdom. Well done, sweet one, well done.

Photo by Marcelo Jaboo on Pexels.com

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