Quick Reflections- Holiday Blues

It is only December 2- but the heaviness in my heart is palpable. It’s been a season of ‘if it’s not one thing, it’s another.’

Here we go into the joyous holiday month of December.

I am repeating to myself, “Stay focused on Jesus… stay focused on Jesus….”

He is the reason for the season.

But from the spaces in between comes grief, sadness, loss, worry, stress, disappointment, and questions about everything. It leaves you exhausted and paralyzed.

I’m reflecting on a love that gave me the vision to be above the mess of childhood pain. The gentle and fierce soul that loved us all so well.

I’m also reflecting on a love that is ingrained into my very being. Together we breathed for nine months. I sit in wonder as to why she never sees what I see. And how she exists beyond the reach of a mother’s love.

I’ve made my choices in dealing with it, and I know I did what I had to do, but it will always hurt. Distance stifles the breath and shakes the beating heart.

For many out there, the burdens of emotional pain anchor to the weakness of a broken soul. The nagging pull is invisible but can be felt from head to toe. Finding your way through the maze of disconnection during the holidays is tough.

“I don’t want to do the holidays.”
“I don’t have it in me.”
“It’s not the same.”

Can we just pass on into January and let this time float into the unknown?

But here you are. In the midst of a season of wonder and hope.

Over 2000 years ago, our fate began a journey toward redemption and eternity. The Savior was born.

It is Jesus that I turn to. In Him, there is a peace the world abandons. He brings clarity to the chaos. His presence in my life envelopes me with the sweet smell of freedom. Freedom from a world who turns their back on a Father who gave his only son- for us. A world hell bent on living for self no matter the cost. The cry rings out, “If God says no, then I’ll turn my back to get my yes.”

It is Jesus that walks us gently through the hard seasons of life- the matinee and the final scene. He endures with us because that is love.

And that love overcomes all- even the holiday blues.

Help yourself help yourself.
The best medicine is giving back.

You’ve got this my friend.
He has you.


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