Poetry- Hiding in Sight

If sadness were a design

It would be constructed in every color.

For it hides in vibrant hues of life

and darker colors of death.

If it was an expression

It would be downcast eyes,

and wide, beaming smiles.

It hides in quiet looks of content.

If sadness was a destination,

it would be a beautiful, sandy beach, or barren desert, or a rocky snowcapped mountain.

It finds comfort in all terrains.

Sadness in action is a kayak ride, a trail hike, a cool swim, a hot air balloon ride, or sleepy afternoon.

Sadness is not just tears, pouting, or seclusion.

It wraps it’s grip on a beating heart, still alive in function.

While we push through the pain, we create a clone that carries us through.

People won’t see the reality. It is kept secluded and tucked within the barricades of the heart.

Life goes on, and the chameleon blends in.

Sadness rides its back, but you never see.

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