Their Addiction-My Journey- “Turn to Christ”

“You run from Jesus, and the world attacks you mercilessly. You run toward Jesus, and the world attacks you, but you are loved through mercy, forgiveness, and grace.

Either direction we go, the world is there, but one direction is peace, the other chaos. Choose wisely.”

~Lisa Wenninger

The above is a quick post I put on Facebook this morning. I was sitting in the Emergency Room, waiting for word on my son. He had a severe infection in his arm and became very sick from it. 

Sad, I felt the pain of choices made and consequences received. I’ve been emotional lately. Watching those I love struggle through their addiction is rough. My heart is tired, and fatigue seems to be where I live. The other day, I barely held my eyes open as I drove to a support group meeting. 

My mind went to one place as I sat silently in the ER. The outcome of running opposite to Jesus is dire. I have witnessed the clash when we choose the world first. The implosion is catastrophic. I’m not perfect; I have encountered the crush of the world. My bad decisions have led to harsh realities. 

The reward of trusting Jesus as we live through life is worth it. Darkness is here, and we don’t always create it. I feel darkness all around me. I cast it out and away from my soul, but I can’t force others to look up and see the light. Therefore, they carry it into my presence. Am I strong enough to live free from their ‘stuff’ while walking alongside the broken?

I believe half the battle was facing the truth. Satan has a stronghold on someone I love, and that sucks. While being drug through the mud, I remain at peace in the filth, or I try. Some days are more difficult than others. I run through the plethora of feelings, but I keep telling myself, “Jesus has you”. When swirling in their chaos, He wraps me in His peace. 

That’s where I landed as I thought to myself in the hospital today. We choose Jesus and life changes. The presence of the Lord creates barriers from the world. We’re in it, but not of it. The relationship is a game-changer. I choose to embrace the hope and love of my Savior in the somber moments. The world will never be more prominent than my God- the victory belongs to the Lord.


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