Poetry- Covered Sin

Shallow breaths

And tortured souls.

Disarray of thoughts

No one knows.

Breathless sobs

Constant fear.

The tragic tale

Of living here.

We choose our path,

A selfish plan

To gain and revel

In Satan’s hand.

And wonder why

Our hearts mistake

The longing prolongs

The groans and aches.

Bottom barrel sadness,

Swimming in the muck

Of sinful living

And life undone.

But even in

The darkest place

Is unmatched mercy

And boundless grace.

Surprise encounter,

In shamed defeat.

When at the bottom

Our Savior meet.

Stains project

The saga remains

Of tainted past

And worldly gains.

Still, He waits.

Fear holds back

And won’t engage

The trusted love

For sinner’s sake.

Clenched by Satan

In mind he dwells,

To hold you back

In earthly hell.

He fights,

You fight.

A battle within.

But Christ awaits

And covers sin.

The blood of Satan

Drowns the soul,

The blood of Christ

Makes you whole.

And brings new life

To sinner’s death

Arisen hope

In forgotten breath.

Redemptions tale.

Glory gains

Another child

victory remains.

For those oppressed

In past mistakes,

Cry out to God,

Hope remains.

Where you are

There He’ll be.

The light of life

The path to free.

Heavy burdens

Released within.

For Jesus Christ

Covers sin.


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