Five Minute Friday- Day 21 of 31 Writing Challenge


I have many thoughts about the person I see in the mirror. Right now, she is a mess, and I have no shame in admitting that. She is overwhelmed and didn’t realize it until recently. I wonder if I know the person staring at me. So, while I study the tired reflection and reflect on life, God speaks to my heart.

Dear Lisa,

Yes, you know that person. You know the sound of her heart, because I put it there, it is mine. The face you see is a face I love. The eyes that look tired to you are beautiful to me. I made them just for you. The color is deep, and the depth goes straight to your soul. Those eyes see the beauty in others. Look close, and you can see the power I placed there. You can see what many cannot. You glimpse the heart, and you respond with love. It is a gift from me. 

You know that person. Your smile warms the cold, and bitter hurt others feel. Those ears, they listen to the broken, and your mouth offers hope with words of encouragement. Your intricate reflection is the perfect molding of my creation, made for specific moments and occasions. What you see is a blessing to the world. 

The person staring at you is the person I made with my own hands, my own heart, and my breath. Your beautiful broken pieces are woven together with loving care. Look deep, and you will see me. I am there in the spaces of your heart, and I love you. 


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