Five Minute Friday- Day 20 of 31 Writing Challenge


I can’t tell.
No, not a soul.
For if I tell,
then they’ll know.
So, I will hide.
Secure in my shell,
where no can see,
and I don’t have to tell.
But he will find me.
Night or day.
He comes after me
so I will hide,
like running prey.
Here in this quiet,
away from his prowl.
I hide away alone.
He finds me somehow.
Threatens me not to tell.
Promises lies,
all I know well.
So I will hide.
Away and alone.
In hopes of being saved,
I cry to the unknown,
But where I’m at,
is where I’m at,
and where I remain.
It will be years before it ends.
And years before I tell.
So I learned to love and appreciate,
my unhidden, hidden shell.

Dedicated to the all the little girls hiding in their shell from the abuse. Praying one day it ends.

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