Five Minute Friday-Success

I am making a move into speaking, and the nerves are starting to shiver. I have had the opportunity to talk to small groups, but they were intimate and familiar. My passion for sharing my story on a God initiated level has churned for over a decade. When you have what some call an “Oprah worthy life story,” filled with big Jesus moments, you want to get the good news out!

As I revamp websites with intentional pages and points of interest, there is a swirling thought in my mind, “What if I am unsuccessful?”

While I fight to overcome that fear tactic, I remind myself I am already a success story. I am alive. I struggled to overcome the paralyzing fear of childhood sexual abuse. When diagnosed with bipolar, I challenged the medical profession and included our Almighty Healer in my regime. After a lifetime of self-doubt, I live in complete wholeness as a daughter of the King. My identity no longer lingers in the shadows of a victim or mentally ill and broken. What Satan hoped to imprison for life was surrendered and set free years ago by the blood of Jesus Christ.

So, whatever comes in the future, I will release and trust to the God of my life. He has done a great thing in me, and by His will, may others see and know they are loved and redeemed just as they are. Success is in our risen Savior for the salvation of the world. 

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8 Replies to “Five Minute Friday-Success”

  1. The stage feels like a gallows,
    and the mike cord is the hanging rope.
    I sure have left the shallows,
    and don’t know if I can cope.
    They came and asked me to talk
    (I guess the mime didn’t show),
    but looking at the lectern-walk,
    I’ll bet I stub my toe.
    The audience is waiting there
    like some large and hungry beast,
    not intending me to scare,
    for fear just spoils the taste.
    OK, steady now, here goes…
    and where in blazes are my notes?

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