Poetry-Prisoner Set Free

I’ve been a prisoner in this life

Not behind bars of man

Though I thought there I’d stay

Twas not God’s mindful plan

The chains that held my heart

The gallows that cut my mind

The poison that ran my veins

Darkness rendered blind

I searched endlessly

The key to unlock my cell

What I found never fit

Hopelessness ruled my hell

No man’s arms could wedge the lock

No bottle made it turn

No pills would heed the click

Hell’s fires earthly burn

Not found in over indulgence

No success overruled the day

It came as a surprise

As Jesus led the way

Falling down upon my knees

In wretched, humble despair

Then I heard the sound of freedom

Jesus’ voice filled the air

Spiritual awakening

A light within the dark

Moving through the challenge

From the place our Savior starts

Basic life and simple breath

Redeemed and rising out of death

I knew where I had come from

Where my heart had been

I know where I’m headed

I’ll never return again

No need to live inside a cell

Satan longs for that to be

I chose to break the shackles

When Jesus set me free

Photo by Cameron Casey on Pexels.com

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