Five Minute Friday-Middle

I look back at the beginning

Where clutter lives

and sadness reigns.

The years play on

With hope that here

The memories fade.

There were good times

Somewhere hidden

Among the bad times that I know.

But tattered truth forbidden

Are the ones I remember most.

And here I sit in the middle,

Where things confuse this mind.

Where freedom from the past

Screams louder than the

Bars I left behind.

It’s here I stumble through

Unfamiliar ground.

Where the trees sway in unison

And beauty is all around.

A glimpse of hope for the future

A peaceful walk I’m taking here.

Though I ponder and question

There’s something else in

Place of fear.

And fear is what I knew,

Somewhere, way back there.

So it’s a welcome place in the middle,

A safer place for me to share.

I no longer dread forever,

Or the years directly ahead.

I may not have direction

But commitment will lead me there.

In the presence of the Holy Spirit

And the trust in God’s care.

The middle no longer frightens,

Or leaves me wrapped in unknown.

I choose each step intentionally,

To go where God says go.

And when you reach the middle,

And you’re not sure what to do.

Please rest in sweet surrender,

That God lovingly waits for you.

I invite you to visit the website of Kate Motaung for full details and rules when taking part in Five Minute Friday. (well the one rule). Join the party!


8 Replies to “Five Minute Friday-Middle”

  1. Beatifully said, Lisa.

    For you…I admire you so much!

    This is for the brave ones,
    the ones we do not see,
    buried under musty tonnes
    of lonely misery.
    They struggle through the rusty wreck
    to find the sunlit land,
    then, turning back to check,
    reach out a helping hand.
    They know how bad it hurts
    to be lost and near the end,
    but they will not stand to curse;
    they’ll go back to help a friend.
    When you see them, take a knee
    for you’re in the presence of royalty.

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