Five Minute Friday- Difficult Word “Goal”

I struggle with the word ‘goal’. Every time I set one, something from the outside crashes into my life, breaking up all plans. So, it is not that I am lazy, it is that I concede goal setting to life. Typing out this truth makes me sad. For someone with fire inside, it is a harsh reality.

If I could set a goal or two, they would be as follows:

  1. To finish my book. A fiction novel of letting go and moving on after devastating and traumatic loss. I think I will purchase the software today to transfer my content and have it on my laptop. Goal set.
  2. To write three blogs this week. Ok, this doesn’t look too intimidating. Goal set.
  3. To escalate my prayer life. When life steps in, I often step back. I know this makes no sense, but someone out there gets me. Goal set.
  4. To exercise. I am limited here as my neck surgery almost a year ago is complicating my ability to get up and get it done. I returned to the gym in April, and set off severe pain issues, leaving me unable to workout, and back in physical therapy. It will be imperative to know my limitations and stay within those boundaries. Today I will start with brisk walking. Goal set.

Lesson learned during this prompt,

“If we lack the ability to set goals, it is not the fault of other people or the junk they throw our way. If we don’t set goals and follow through, it is our own fault.”

I will own that. I promise myself to work on this area of my life, and to stay the course. Goal set.

I invite you to visit the website of Kate Motaung for full details and rules when taking part in Five Minute Friday. (well the one rule). Join the party!


6 Replies to “Five Minute Friday- Difficult Word “Goal””

  1. I often find that functional goals have to be realistic and measurable. I think it’s better to set smaller, attainable goals to help build confidence. Sometimes I choose not to set a goal at all, to give myself a break from the constant pressure to achieve. 🙂

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  2. Dear friend — Your words are powerful, elegant and true. I very much appreciate your first point, that too often we consign goal-setting to life, without our own intentionality. And look at the magic of intention, just as you displayed here. You chose and set important goals. You urge me on: what goal will I set for myself today?
    Your neighbor from FMF, Carol Ann

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  3. Love the honesty and faith here, Lisa.

    You inspired a poem. Hope you like it!

    The goals I set so long ago,
    to hold and tame the sky!
    And now I watch them grow
    frail with me, and so slowly die.
    I thought that I would have the days,
    that strength would never fail;
    but that’s not how God’s will plays
    out, and He will prevail.
    He soothed my aching heart and bones
    in Heaven’s ever-flowing streams,
    and I saw in my goals foundation-stones
    for someone else’s dreams.
    What I feared as hope’s deletion
    became, in God’s hands, sweet completion.

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