Authentic Truth-Abortion, Ending Life

I recently watched in disbelief and with pain in my heart, as schoolchildren hastily evacuated their safe place- the elementary school. Tears were falling and little bodies embraced one another for comfort. The faces of the innocent will stay with me forever, just as the scene at Columbine did years ago, or the Aurora shooting. Why these things keep happening in my backyard is beyond me. It infuriates to watch this over and over right here in our home state.

Following the senseless tragedies is typically an uproar regarding the sanctity of life. Shouts cry out, “Stop gun violence”.. “Show Kindness” ..and the many other battle cries we hear. All justified, all accepted, and every word true! We should be outraged and questioning our system of living every time another life is lost in violence. Our voices should unite in the cry for change. When innocent lives, young or old, suddenly end at the hand of violence, it seems warranted to act and be that change.

Then, after only a few weeks, those same voices raise their banners and take on a battle cry for induced abortion, including late term abortion. One refers to deliberate steps taken to end a pregnancy before a baby would be able to survive on its own outside the womb. The other refers to ending a pregnancy once a baby has the potential to survive outside of the womb. Of course, many who use abortion as a convenient birth control method often refer to the growing life inside them as a ‘clump of tissue’. Unfortunately, they learn the truth after it is too late, and the precious, innocent life has ended.

So why is there a general disconnect between innocent lives in a school and the innocent life in the womb? Since 1973, there have been over 50 million induced abortions in the United States. The very hope and purpose of Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, has come to pass- to stop the reproduction of humans. Her moral compass closely paralleled that of Adolf Hitler, and it boggles me how the human race sheepishly follows along. This is 2019, and today we will hear someone out there “Shout their Abortion.” Women call this a right, but take little responsibility in the fact it is very easy to prevent this scenario in the first place.

I have an open mind. Being an abused little girl, I understand the horrifying consequences of rape. Could I have made that decision? No. While a different circumstance, I chose adoption when I knew I could not offer another child what that child deserved. To this day, I have no regrets in that decision. She is living a life of service and love in the Peace Corps, and I am grateful.

When a mother’s life or the life of the unborn baby is in trouble, is the option of induced abortion appropriate? Absolutely! Is a mother capable of making that choice? Yes, if she is still coherent and able to make medical decisions. If not, a family will have to do what the mother cannot. These rare instances do not comprise the norm in induced abortion, and as an intelligent nation, we know this.

Therefore, aside from the rare circumstance of rape or complications in pregnancy, that leaves us with induced abortion as a form of birth control. Women fought long and hard through the last century for true rights in citizenship and standing. The movement often referred to as ‘feminism’ fundamentally changed society and the attitudes toward women. Among those were equality in employment and education. In 1960, the FDA approved oral contraceptives, though many states still outlawed the practice. Still, women chose to determine when and how many children they would have. By 1964, women won legal equality through the Civil Rights Act. The fight continued as changes would come through the decades, and still do today.

While women were fighting for their rights and freedoms, one law stayed the same- Murder– the unlawful, premeditated killing of a human by another human. No man could decide to walk up and murder another man. We all agree, there is no debate, there is no protesting in favor of premeditated murder. Yet, in 2019, people walk the streets with banners and inappropriate costumes depicting the right of women to be able to commit the premeditated act of ending life, simply because it is still in the womb and dependent on a woman to survive. While it lies comfortably in a miracle incubator, life begins and evolves. From the single ‘living’ cell to the moment it enters this world. What that act of sex did was create ‘life’.

The fact that someone can walk into a school and look in the eyes of innocent children, and determine their life does not matter is heartbreaking. The fact that a woman can enter a clinic, and hear the innocent heartbeat of life inside her and determine that beautiful life does not matter is equally heartbreaking. Where have we gone wrong? Did it begin in 1973?

I know how hard it is. I chose adoption. So, do not tell me about walking in someone else’s shoes. I walked in my own.


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