Authentic Truths- His Will Above My Feelings

Here is what I know about our personal sin- we do not get to justify it because other saints came before us and sinned as well, including Moses, David, and the many other mighty men and even the quiet women (woman about to be stoned to death for adultery comes to mind) of the Bible. Frankly, I am in the mindset to shout, “How dare any of us condone or justify our own sinful actions using the inspired Word of God to do so!”

The examples of sin that make up the Bible are not examples for us to live by, rather they are examples of the forgiveness, mercy, compassion, grace, and love of a Mighty God! It is to a great detriment that we would mistake one for the other.

Americans have come to an odd conclusion that if we ‘feel we should’ then ‘it should be so’, or, in other words, selfish desires out rank God’s truth. However, numerous Biblical references prove this simply untrue. Even in the midst of loving and forgiving, Jesus often followed up with, “Go, and sin no more.” He offered grace in the center of adultery, he offered guidance in the halls of a temple, he provided love to those which society had pushed out on the margins- but never, in any of my studying of the Holy Bible did Jesus Christ condone living in a sinful nature, ever!

Romans 12:1-Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect.


The concept of complete surrender has never been an easy one for the human. Consider the Israelites rescued out of slavery and the contemptuous behavior they often displayed while in waiting for their promised land. Remain focused on the God who saw them through the years of doubt and frustration, and indeed delivered on that promise, albeit decades and generations later. Still, He came through on his promise. He always does, he always will. I have no doubt. What we want and what we are willing to give up rarely align. Unfortunately, this holds true in a relationship with Jesus Christ. When we cannot handle the tension our ego brings to His truth, we fall back on feelings and expect everyone else to do the same. Feelings have monumentally changed interaction in this world.

I, like every other Christian, live this life as a sinner. Every day is a ritual of an in-depth review of my own heart and actions. Every day is a day for confession, admitting my failures. I never tell Jesus I am sorry I sinned but so did Paul, so cut me some slack. Every day of my life is a battle to surrender every part of my life to the God I choose to believe in. I surrender my hands and feet, my voice, my flesh desires, and any world following ideas to the one who chose me, loved me enough to die on a cross and take on my sin as His own.

Being a Christian, I must intentionally distance myself of this world. Being a Christian means Satan is going to use every tool necessary to break me from that mentality, and entice me to choose this world over my God. His most reliable tool today appears to be feelings. Unfortunately, many Christians have not realized that is his game. I wish it was something new, but look back in history and you will find the same game being played when the devil convinced Eve she wanted to feel superior to the rule, and so took a bite from something forbidden- much like many do today.

Your life may not be perfect. You may feel desires for someone you know God has said no to. You may feel betrayed and tired in your marriage, you may feel insecure in your finances, and you may feel afraid to follow where the Lord has told you to go. If we allow God to lead us, our feelings may not align with that lead. The inspired Word of God, and not our feelings, must fuel our passion for issues in our lives and of this world. To turn away from that lead, is to turn way from God’s perfect will for your life. His good, acceptable, and perfect will.

2 Replies to “Authentic Truths- His Will Above My Feelings”

  1. Hi Lisa! The pressure on Christians to conform, though great, can never outweigh God’s grace upon our lives. Thanks for the reminder to be intentional in drawing upon that grace to overcome sin and help other struggling Christians. I love the way you put this: “Even in the midst of loving and forgiving, Jesus often followed up with, ‘Go, and sin no more.”’ More grace in your ministry and abundant blessings on your family in Jesus’ name.

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