Five Minute Friday- Excuse

A challenge has been weighing on my heart these past few months. The Lord has called me to speak on a couple of occasions now, on a difficult subject- suicide. My fear of sharing this personal story was strongly opposed to this new endeavor. I had one excuse after another-

  • I write- I do not speak.
  • I want to speak, but not on this.
  • Christians do not want to talk about such things, though they need to.

As hard as I fought with one excuse after another, I would eventually lose. Obedience is obedience, and we do not get to choose the more convenient path. We do not get to negotiate with the Lord:

“What if I write more often on this subject God?”

“What if I find someone ‘more qualified’ to talk about this?”  

Batting your eyelashes does not work on God, in case you were wondering.

The art of excuse probably mimics a paid profession at times. Our lives are not our own. People say this, but they are not living it.

Therefore, I stepped out, and for the love of my Father, I spoke.

The words may not have flowed as smoothly as they do on paper. I may have had to hold back a few tears. I never knew how much of an Olympic sport stumbling over your own words could be. Nevertheless, minute by minute, I gained more confidence; I shared more freely, as I whispered inside,

“God guide these important words of yours. Lead me in being as transparent as possible. Give me the ability to share in a way that touches the hearts and minds of those listening. Give them hope Lord, and purpose and meaning.”

We seem to have less hesitation when it comes to volunteering at church, but only in areas where we are ‘comfortable’. We often mask this with the words “God has given me a gift of or to…” you fill in the blank.

Imagine this.

God has given you a gift in certain areas of your life- but that gift isn’t to only do what you ‘feel comfortable’ doing. No. God himself cultivates, prunes, and harvests your gifts, preparing you for areas of work you never dreamed! When we hold ourselves in that box of comfort, and dress it up with the word ‘gift’, we are truly minimizing His amazing power and ability to work through us.

What comes next? I’m not sure. The fire is burning inside; the Spirit has me so focused on the Lord that I am not concerned about what comes next- because I know He will be there. With that knowledge and true belief, there is no excuse, be prepared!

**I invite you to visit the website of Kate Motaung for full details and rules (well the one rule).

All are welcome and invited to take part in joining women around the world for Five Minute Friday! Take five minutes of your day to write a heartfelt, authentic message- (no need to edit), using the prompt word given.


6 Replies to “Five Minute Friday- Excuse”

  1. This statement, “God has given you a gift in certain areas of your life- but that gift isn’t to only do what you ‘feel comfortable’ doing.” is powerful, convicting and inviting us to obey God whatever he calls us to. I’m sure the audience was blessed by your speech. God is enlarging your territory. Praise Him! God has been stretching me and I have been slothful in following. Thank you for prompting me to just obey.

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