Poetry-Suicide, I see you

You lurk around every corner, and take aim at the weaknesses inside.

You infiltrate the thoughts that run rampant in a broken mind.

You circle round and round, whispering words untrue.

Suicide you can’t hide, I see you.

You carry a pitchfork as if it’s a mighty staff,

As you dig down deep and find the worst thoughts to grab.

You use enticing words, like ‘free’, ‘peace’ and ‘done’.

Suicide, I see you, and you’ve not won.

You fill the empty with pieces that can’t be sewn.

You leave one confused, stumbling, and alone.

You find the smallest chain, and choke the life away.

Suicide I see you, and I’m not afraid.

You try to turn my heart, but you’ll find it locked.

What I have- you don’t get, it belongs to God.

We may fight and throw down in rage.

Suicide I see you, but you’re simply space on an empty page.

You have no power here- go, be gone, and leave.

You have no control over this non-suicidal me.

You won’t win this battle, you lost before it began.

Take your hiding self and your life-ending plan.

You don’t own this mind, you don’t have a voice.

You will never take over my independent choice.

To live and fight, to fall and pray.

To sleep at night, to rise by day.

You are dismissed like an infection,

Eradicated like disease.

Turn around and go,

You are weak, nothing more than a soft breeze.

I am not your home, a cozy place to lie.

Suicide, I see you, now disappear..goodbye.

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