Authentic Truth-Taking America Back

I cannot imagine their pain right now- those who have survived the terrible tragedy in Las Vegas. My heart has ached since I heard the news; my tears keep falling as their stories emerge. The overcast day we experienced in Colorado, was the perfect image of my heart.

I know the political rants have begun. Gun protests are flowing fast. I know people are guessing some sort of ‘race issue’, or party divided issues. I know. Perhaps, all these things apply, perhaps none of them do. What matters to me, right now, is the devastating loss of other Americans who I do not even know.

There are husbands who became a human shield for their wife. And my heart hurts. There are kids barely out of high school. And my heart hurts. There are fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, nieces and nephews- And my heart hurts!

I read comments from professionals showing no sympathy, because ‘most country music folks are republicans’. She lost her job for those heartless, disgusting remarks on social media. What is sad is that she was not the only one saying such things.

What is wrong with people? Where has the American spirit gone?

Forget American spirit- where has the decency gone?

What state is our country in when people can proudly make such comments?

I have watched for a long time now as people use this protesting method in hopes of bringing about positive change, however, protesting itself has been taken hostage by many.  It is a platform to fuel hate and division. If you do not believe that, just look at the lack of compassion I just referenced! When did it become a ‘my way or the highway’ scenario?

I believe Satan exists. I believe his darkness runs through the hills and valleys of the land. I believe he intentionally uses people to spread his hate-filled agenda, and I believe people have strayed so far away from faith that they cannot see that dark agenda infiltrate their own heart, and permeate their mind. I am not only talking about the lone gunman on the 32nd floor, I am referring to the news executive, or the little grandmother down the street. I am referring to those who believe it is ok to wish pain on anyone, in any form. Satan uses our need for revenge for himself. Satan uses division for himself. Satan will use our anger to ignite an ugly passion that lights up a negative narrative.

What happened in Las Vegas should never have been the base for this insensitive war with words, which Americans now engage in on small screens in the palm of their hands, on a daily basis. America is a land of freedom, but do not let that freedom go to your head. We are also a land of responsibility.

Americans are responsible to be compassionate for others, caring, kind, and decent-responsible to love. Everything that is the very opposite of what Satan desires for our communities. You do not get to pretend to take part in some sort of equality uprising while hating, insulting, and stepping on those who may not agree with you. Why are you marching against the way people are treated, while treating others in a discriminate and degrading way? You do not get to call someone a racist because of their skin color, without some sort of proof they believe their particular race is ‘superior’ to someone else. You do not get to call an entire race racist. Racism is an individual problem, in one’s individual heart and mind.  You do not get to go on your political rant in the midst of a tragedy because in your own opinion, the tragedy reflects your political mindset.

Show respect to those who are in complete shock. If you pray, pray for the broken lives. Stop being completely negative in this land filled with positive. Americans have beautiful and accepting hearts. Americans desire to watch their entire nation flourish and grow. Americans love to see every person succeed. Americans believe in one another, they help one another, they shield one another when gunfire rings out in a crowded make shift concert venue. We lift others up, we cover each other’s wounds; we put our own finger in the hole a bullet left behind.

We will no longer stand by as you reign over the quieter and humble hearts to promote some insane personal opinion gone wild agenda over this land. You may think every white person is racist, or every black person is a criminal. You may think every Hispanic person is illegal. You may think some group of Americans actually think this way- YOU would be wrong. You may think the very worst of every person you walk by on the streets, all the while trying to insist you want the best for this country. However, your contradictory speeches make it impossible to believe anything you have to say.

Your few seconds of denied hate are up. We Americans that believe in America are here to take it back.


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