Authentic Truth- Never Forget

This week I was introduced to Baby Kate. Little Kate had been exposed to a virus while in her mother’s womb, and within 3 days of being born, her liver failed.  After 2 liver transplants, things had looked up, and then suddenly took a turn down.  A critical artery had fused to her intestine, causing internal bleeding, and this beautiful family had to say goodbye to their Baby Kate.

I was touched as the mother relayed the story on social media, and my heart ached as I received the news that sweet Kate did not make it.  I don’t know this family, but I feel so much for their loss and pain.

What amazed me more than anything was the strength of Baby Kate’s mother.  She was a true inspiration of faith as she walked this journey with God.  I went back and read her remarkable story, and I could feel her commitment to God throughout the entire walk. She never faltered.  And today, as she struggles, as she prays, as she feels sadness, or possibly anger at the why’s of the situation, she remains strong in her faith, and makes sure to convey that to us all.  She is a gentle spirit, and as she holds her own family, and they hold her, I can only pray for them. I can smile to know that God will get them through.

I wonder now, more than ever, what must Mary have felt as she watched her son beaten, bleeding, hands placed on a cross, and nails hammered through the skin and bones. When finally, they raised the cross and she had to sit and watch him hanging high above.  What pain must have overcome her heart, and what restraint this woman of God portrayed.

I close my eyes and picture myself going toe to toe with a Roman guard or two, sword and all! We know the roles of women have changed, society has changed. The heart of a mother has not changed.  The connection a mother has to her child, never changes. What I felt the day I told God he could take my son, and the day Baby Kate’s mother had to say goodbye to her precious little girl, may not ever compare to the day Mary watched as her adult son was mocked, and completely subjugated to the men that first beat him, then hung him on that cross to die.  I still believe God allowed us to know Mary as the mother of Jesus, because it makes it very real to to our heart.  If you are a parent, you understand, though never fully, what that love means.

While we attempt to form a deeper understanding into what God chose to do when he sent His son, to watch him die on that cross, we will never fully comprehend it.  He knew the entire time, what his son’s purpose was.  Jesus knew what his own purpose was.  Could we ever have a child, just to know of the physical anguish and death to come? God was able to see beyond, where our eyes are not able.

Can we take that insight we’ve been privileged with, and do we then know what our real purpose is.  God doesn’t ask each of us to get on a cross to die, but he asks us all to take up our cross daily, so that we might live in Him.  The death of surrendering one’s self is about a choice to leave it all, sacrifice it all, and follow Him.

Arewe willing?

We are certainly able.


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