Poetry- She Stood Before A King

The Book of Esther called to me… I read it again as told.
Amazed at one fact..God’s name never mentioned, yet his message bold.
Torn from her home, had no say at all, King Xerxes required a queen,
Vashti lost her place on the thrown, disobeyed the king’s decree.
Esther’s beauty overwhelming, chosen as the bride to be.
I imagine her greatest gift, was not outward for kings to see.
Mordecai, her cousin, hands wringing, worried day and night.
Sat there at the kings gate, to know she was alright.
Haman thought to much of himself, bragged to all who’d hear.
One man would not bow, and seemed to have no fear.
“Kill the Jews,” Haman cried, “No Jew deserves to live.”
Not one, but all, shall see their death, because Mordecai would not homage give.
The king, no clue to Mordecai’s gift, declared a day of death.
And Haman marched among his people, as though king were his title instead.
Mordecai pleaded with Esther, go before the king.
To do this act of disobedience meant one of two things.
Shall Xerxes raise his scepter, or death be given a queen.
Three days of fasting, and I’m sure time in prayer.
For when Esther approached her king, God had met her there.
One sleepless night the king discovered, what Mordecai had done.
When they conspired to kill the king, someone overheard, Mordecai was the one.
He told Esther, who told the king, Xerxes life was spared.
And while Haman constructed the gallows, Mordecai was honored there.
Esther sat with the king, and Haman, a banquet for them she gave.
Begging lives of the Jews be spared, her people must be saved.
“Who is it that wants their lives,” asked the king of her.
“Haman, my king…this vile man..” declared Esther.
Then Haman’s life was ended..his plan devised, failed.
It wasn’t Haman held high, it was Mordecai, who prevailed.
Mordecai from the tribe of Ben, whose power reigned over the land.
Whose name brought fear, in ways only God will understand.
Two people used by God, to preserve His people and plan.
With mighty strength did Esther live to stand in world of man.

“And if I perish, I perish”- Queen Esther.


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