Writing Prompt-March 4, 2023

Do you believe in fate/destiny?

When you live my life, you do not want to believe in fate or destiny. The experiences of my life paint on a dark canvas. I refuse to believe there was a predestined plan to the pain.

No child deserves the abuse I endured. No young mother should suffer sudden loss and single parenthood. No parent should have to watch their child fight to survive. No mother should wake up daily in sadness, wondering if her child is dead or alive. Grandparents should never to have to bridge the distance between hope and hopelessness for grand kids left behind.

There is cruelty and sadness in assuming such pain is my destiny. I refuse to accept hurt and loss as my fate. Five decades of living have proven anything is possible. Sprinkled between despair are glorious moments of love and gratitude. Laughter rings from the dark caverns of hurt and suffering.

Remarkable are the joyous events that, if believed, fate would despise. According to statistics, I should be deep in brokenness by now. Yet, here I am. Standing tall and walking ahead with equal measures of hope and joy. Sustained by a peace no one can understand.

Allow me to back up this boat. Perhaps my destiny is marked by a neon sign flashing ‘overcomer’ and a fate filled with wonder and awe. Perhaps the disasters of this life have nothing to do with either one. Maybe fate and destiny are single destinations for unique life experiences. When we reach one, the next is there on the horizon.

Our short life is always in our hands. For no matter what we go through, we indeed go through. Parking in the center of sadness or standing too long in the hope of opportunity leaves us stagnant. Each phase of growth ends with destiny or fate. Then, our engines rev up and we take off again. Each step in our control, each thought at the drivers wheel.

Power is always in our mind. Our mind is the starting point for thoughts, choices, and actions. In which case, we can conclude we direct our path and guide our destiny and fate.

Yours, Lisa

Photo by Gabriela Palai on Pexels.com

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