Five Minute Friday- “Root”

One word- five minutes- Go.

Let me show you how God works.

Last week, as I drove home from dropping the kids off, I noticed a large tree downed. Rising from the ground were giant roots going in all directions. But there, on top, were living branches blooming bright green leaves. As though it birthed a baby tree.

I thought, “There’s a story there.” Here we are, exactly one week later with the word Root.

First, I focused on the downed tree. Grateful it hadn’t fallen in the opposite direction, as it would have taken a car out. Next, I noticed the trunk and branches. Old, withered, and brown, they had seen better days. Then, my eyes caught the lone branch proudly waving with it’s beautiful lush leaves.

“Life. It starts again.”

I felt an odd connection, or life lesson. As I enter the sixth year of raising my grandkids, I consider the days I felt crushed. Like the fallen tree, I often felt like my foundation was crumbling and the pressure would take me down. While I’ve pushed to the limit of complete brokenness through family addiction, from somewhere deep down came new life.

A single sprout of hope, acceptance, determination, resilience, and perseverance. Watered by faith and the deep, deep confidence that all was well in my soul. The joy of knowing my God has this and He has me. Beauty rose again.

I suppose the force of the world could have devoured me. However, years ago God began a work in me that will forever be untouched by evil. He planted a seed that grew over the years. The roots are now solid and embedded beyond the shallow reach of circumstance.

Call me an eternal Redwood. His roots are those of a Father whose love and care are immeasurable. He is the foundation that will not be compromised. Parts may wither but once again, you will find a new shoot, ready and willing to live, grow, and thrive.

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11 Replies to “Five Minute Friday- “Root””

  1. The great tall tree has fallen,
    yet branches are still green.
    I think I hear God calling,
    but whatever can this mean?
    The leaves will not survive the death
    of trunk and limb and root,
    denied now of their blood and breath,
    but can that point be moot?
    Is their green-clad beauty
    that which will live on,
    a mem’ry of the duty
    of trees, when they are gone?
    And does that kind of legacy
    apply the self-same, just to me?

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  2. Tank you so much. I recognize this so. What a beautiful lesson you have woven into it for anyone who wants to read it. There are many lessons in nature.

    My 5 minutes:

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