Five Minute Friday- “Expectation Beyond This World”

Confession: I have been lost in disappointing expectations for months. I have placed my hope and expectation on people, namely a child in addiction, to pursue recovery actively. The letdown is crushing but eye-opening.

We have entered the season of remembrance, joy, praise, and honor to the King of King. At his birth, only a rare few held expectation in the sight of the infant in a manger. Yet, today, when I see a nativity scene, my eyes immediately take in that baby in awe and wonder. We know the story. We are blessed to live with hope and the expectation of eternity with Jesus.

This world aims to distract us from the goodness of God. Therefore, I must fight to believe even in the deep despair of living with a loved one in addiction. As parents dealing with living grief, we mourn the loss of hope and anticipation of all those dreams we once held dear. Festive holiday get-togethers are not the same, often filled with chaos and turbulence. Family dynamics change with each passing year.

A mother’s heart aches for simpler times with her children, all her children. But as I silently sit by the Christmas tree at night, I feel a presence I neglected. The Holy Spirit reminds me it is always with me. Refueled with the expectation of comfort through the trials, I refocus on what matters in life. I remember what I can control and rely on- the love of my Father and the expectation of eternity with him.

Addiction has hurt our hearts for over a decade now, but one day it will end. On one side of heaven or another, all will heal. It may feel like a lifetime, but it is merely a glimpse through eternity.

Stay focused on Jesus and remain persistent in your faith. This world leaves us with so little, but our expectation is vast in the Almighty. Now and forever.

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3 Replies to “Five Minute Friday- “Expectation Beyond This World””

  1. Thank you for this hopeful blog. We too have experience of the devastation of addiction, and it hurts. There are hopeful signs, but we know that they are often followed by disappointment. It takes strength to know that the victory is already won. Romans 5 vv 6-8


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